class nacl.utils.EncryptedMessage

A bytes subclass that holds a message that has been encrypted by a SecretBox or Box. The full content of the bytes object is the combined nonce and ciphertext.


The nonce used during the encryption of the EncryptedMessage.


The ciphertext contained within the EncryptedMessage.


Returns a random bytestring with the given size.

Parameters:size (bytes) – The size of the random bytestring.
Return bytes:The random bytestring.
nacl.utils.ensure(cond, *args, raising=nacl.exceptions.AssertionError)

Returns if a condition is true, otherwise raise a caller-configurable Exception

  • cond (bool) – the condition to be checked
  • args (sequence) – the arguments to be passed to the exception’s constructor
  • raising (exception) – the exception to be raised if cond is False